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Stay Tuned for our new spring episodes. We are going to raise the heat, put that pie in that oven and roast it good! And for those who wish to understand the internal banking code IP we disclosed, understand we are just "lightening the load". Bid farewell to political correctness and welcome hard-hitting discussions on real experiences, current events, constitutional debates, and actionable insights aimed at reclaiming the essence of our Republic.

Prepare for the imminent release of our investigative tome: "FINANCIAL WAR & US TRUST BOQM." Dive deep into the mortgage frauds and the 16-Year Plan that have eluded the public eye, laid bare in uncompromising detail. This pivotal read is more than an exposé; it's a call to arms for all patriots seeking to reclaim the integrity of our systems. Get ready to be served a slice of unvarnished truth with "FINANCIAL WAR & US TRUST BOQM." Act now and pre-order your copy today to join the forefront of financial advocacy."and take a journey with us as we dissect, discuss, and disseminate the facts.

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