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This show is designed to expose the underlying intent of Centralized Banking and their legal abuse tactics with TITLE for federalized tax evasion purposes AND their state to state REMIC TRUST schemes. Plus we will be covering the International Grand Jury made up of attorneys from all over the world that are currently exposing the underlying truth behind the Pandemic.

That's right, this show is exposing not only who has been perpetuating these schemes, but how they are financially intertwined geopolitically and economically. Further, we will show you step-by-step on how they have been getting away with it. The Gloves are off patriots, and WE THE PEOPLE are calling out those in high places who have turned their backs on the eyes of justice, enabling police brutality and weaponizing the courts against the people of our Nations.

We are naming names of Judges, Attorneys, Banks, Servicers who allow materially altered, created and forged, counterfeit and fraudulent documents into court and land records as they commit CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! From trafficked children to stolen homes, probate hell and beyond.

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